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Term Definition
Direct Mail Marketing A form of marketing where promotional materials are physically mailed to a targeted group of recipients.
Email & SMS Marketing Marketing strategies involving email and text messages to communicate with customers and prospects.
Digital Print Printing technology that produces high-quality prints directly from electronic files, without plates.
Data Management The process of collecting, storing, and analysing data to improve decision-making and business processes.
Fulfilment & Distribution Managing the logistics of storing, packaging, and delivering products or materials to customers.
Procurement Services Services related to sourcing, purchasing, and managing supplies and materials needed for business.
eNotices Electronic notifications or alerts sent to customers regarding billing, payments, or other important info.
Bill Archive A digital repository for storing past bills and financial records, accessible for reference or auditing.
Mailing Services Services related to preparing and sending physical mail to a targeted audience.
Digital Printing Services Services that provide high-quality digital printing for various marketing materials.
Data Management Services Professional services that assist businesses in managing and utilising their data effectively.
Fulfilment Services Services that handle order processing, packaging, and delivery of products to customers.
Distribution Services Services related to the distribution of products or materials to various locations or recipients.
Procurement Solutions Comprehensive strategies and tools for optimising the procurement process and supplier management.
Customer Communication Strategies and tools for effectively interacting and communicating with customers throughout their journey.
Marketing Solutions Comprehensive approaches to solving marketing challenges and achieving business goals.
Direct Mail Advertising Promotional campaigns that involve sending physical marketing materials directly to targeted recipients.
Direct Mail Campaigns Coordinated series of direct mail pieces designed to achieve specific marketing goals or objectives.
Direct Mail Distribution The process of physically delivering direct mail pieces to recipients through postal or delivery services.
Bulk Mail Services Services that handle large-scale mailing of promotional materials to a targeted audience.
Direct Mail Printing Printing services specifically tailored for creating direct mail marketing materials.
Direct Mail Fulfilment The process of preparing, assembling, and delivering direct mail materials to recipients.
Direct Email Marketing Marketing strategy involving sending targeted email messages to customers and prospects.
Electronic Direct Mail Sending marketing messages electronically, typically via email, to a targeted audience.
Addressed Mail Marketing Sending personalised marketing materials to specific individuals or addresses.
Direct Mail Newsletters Regularly distributed content sent via direct mail, containing updates, news, or information.
Direct Mail Brochures Promotional materials that provide detailed information about a product, service, or offering.
Portal Bill Presentment An interactive online platform for presenting bills to customers, enabling payments and queries.
Online Archive Portal A digital repository where customers can access and view past bills and financial documents online.

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