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MidCoast Water Services

Midcoast Council

Efficient Water Services Transformation: Midcoast Council Partnership with InterAction

MidCoast Water Services

The Client

Midcoast Council, a pivotal local government council in New South Wales, Australia, who manage water services for about 40,000 customers. They are dedicated to providing top-notch water services and sought an omni-channel partner in customer communications in Australia to enhance their efficiency and customer engagement.

The Challenge

Before collaborating with InterAction, Midcoast Council struggled with managing their customer communications effectively. The need for an omni-channel customer communications approach was evident, as their existing process couldn’t keep up with daily billing and customer engagement demands. Their challenges included timely handling of billing files, and a lag in the production and mailing of accounts, which affected customer experience.

The Solution

Midcoast Council approached InterAction for a comprehensive solution encompassing SMS & Email (eDM) Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns. InterAction’s proposal included not just quicker turnaround in account issuance but also integrated print and direct mail services. This approach ensured more frequent and effective communication, aligning perfectly with Midcoast Council’s aim for omni-channel customer communications.

The Outcome

The collaboration with InterAction led to noticeable improvements for Midcoast Council:
  • Swift acknowledgment of file uploads.
  • Regular communication for proofing and approvals.
  • Easier access to information through FTP.
  • Quick responses to queries.
These enhancements contributed significantly to the efficiency of Midcoast Council’s billing process.

Client Testimonial

Troy Betts

Midcoast Council

Midcoast Council highly recommends InterAction’s services to similar organisations, citing their strong customer relationship skills and adeptness at identifying and meeting needs. The council anticipates a long-term, beneficial relationship with InterAction, given their proactive approach to offering efficiencies and their alignment with Midcoast Council’s evolving requirements.

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